About Bee Fortune

Welcome to Bee Fortune, a cutting-edge algo trading Software Company that is revolutionizing the way investors and traders approach the market. Our mission is to provide sophisticated trading tools that level the playing field for both individual and institutional investors. At Bee Fortune, we offer state-of-the-art trading software that uses advanced algorithms to analyse market trends and execute trades automatically. Our algorithms are designed to identify profitable trading opportunities in real-time, and we work tirelessly to ensure that our software is constantly evolving and adapting to changes in the market.

We understand that no two traders or investors are alike, which is why our software is highly customizable and can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Whether you're a seasoned trader or new to the world of investing, our software can help you make more informed decisions and achieve greater success. At Bee Fortune, we are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and support. Our team of experienced software engineers is always available to answer your questions and provide guidance. We pride ourselves on being a trusted partner to our clients and helping them achieve their financial goals.

Thank you for considering Bee Fortune as your partner in trading success. We look forward to working with you!


At Bee Fortune, our mission is to empower investors and traders with cutting-edge algo trading software that is tailored to meet their unique needs. We strive to provide sophisticated trading tools that enable our clients to make more informed decisions and achieve greater success in the market. We are committed to staying at the forefront of innovation and using advanced algorithms to generate superior returns for our clients.


Our vision at Bee Fortune is to be the leading provider of algo trading software solutions worldwide. We aim to set new standards for excellence in the industry by delivering innovative software that is highly customizable, user-friendly, and effective. We aspire to be a trusted partner to our clients, helping them achieve their financial goals by providing the highest level of customer service and support. We are driven by a passion for innovation and a commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and research.

Bee Fortune Process & Execution

Bee Fortune

BEE FORTUNE is a reliable and user-friendly software that's been extensively tested for automated trading in the stock market. With our software, trading no longer needs to be a source of stress or anxiety. You can have peace of mind knowing that our sophisticated algorithms are working around the clock to ensure you never miss out on any opportunities in the market. With BEE FORTUNE, you can focus on other important aspects of your life while our software takes care of the trading for you. Our cutting-edge technology and intuitive design make it easy for anyone to use, regardless of their level of experience in trading. Let BEE FORTUNE help you achieve your financial goals with confidence and ease.

Plans & Packages

AlphaMost PopularRs. 14,999 + GST/ Month

Rs. 29,999 + GST/ Quarter

  • Billing Cycle: Monthly / Quarterly
  • A product designed for traders who aim to grab high potential trades in the Options Segment
  • Completely Automated
  • API bridge
  • Intra-day signals in Index Options
  • Risk Reward Ratio 1:2
  • Trailing Stop Loss
  • 2-3 high-quality trading signals per day
  • Advanced risk management techniques including trailing stop loss
  • Dedicated personalized Support during market hours.
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EliteRs. 29,999 + GST/ Month

Rs.49,999 + GST/ Quarter

  • Billing Cycle: Monthly / Quarterly
  • It is one of our premium services exclusively designed for those traders who want to trade in Equity and Option segment.
  • Key features:
  • Completely Automated
  • API bridge
  • Comprehensive coverage of segments including equity and options
  • Risk Reward Ratio 1:3
  • Trailing Stop Loss
  • 5-6 trading signals per week
  • Advanced risk management techniques including trailing stop loss
  • Dedicated research team for market analysis and strategy development
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SupremeRs. 49,999 + GST/ Month

Rs. 89,999 + GST/ Quarter

  • Billing Cycle: Monthly / Quarterly
  • An exceptional Product designed for traders who wants to capture the movement in stocks and index option for intraday with limited risk
  • Key features:
  • Completely Automated
  • API bridge
  • Exclusive access to our most advanced trading strategies and algorithms
  • Risk Reward Ratio 1:4
  • Trailing Stop Loss
  • 6-7 high-conviction trading signals per week
  • Cutting-edge artificial intelligence and machine learning tools for market analysis and forecasting
  • Priority support from our expert research team
  • Quarterly one-on-one consultations with our trading coaches
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Benefits of Algo Trading

The benefits of algo trading exist for everyone; including the layman investor, a professional trader or a financial institution.

Intellectual Engagement

Algorithmic trading automates the trading function which is incredibly advantageous to traders, which makes sure that the trades are carried out at the right time during optimal market conditions which increases the chances of high returns. The traders do not face the risk of missing out on important opportunities in the market.

Minimise Human Errors

Every active trader loses money to manual errors like punching wrong order quantity, wrong order price or sending the order in the wrong scrip. Algo platform minimizes such errors. &

Minimize Emotions

Another key advantage of algorithmic trading is that it removes human emotion from the trading equation as the trades are defined by preset conditions. This is advantageous because human emotions can cause investors to make irrational decisions based on fear and greed necessary

Save Time

With fully automated systems, there’s no need for teams of analysts to monitor price action or market news. You could run multiple strategies, each consuming all the market data it needs to make optimized decisions. This frees you up to discover new markets and new strategies that can diversify your portfolios & …


One of the biggest advantages of using machines for trading is the fact that it makes things systematic, hence enabling the possibility to perform backtesting more comprehensively

Inculcate Discipline

Trader’s emotions are eliminated in algorithmic trading as the decision making occurs according to the trading algorithm, bringing in a higher level of discipline in trading.

Diversify Trading

Automated trading platform permits the user to trade multiple accounts or various strategies at one time. This has the potential to spread risk over various instruments while creating a hedge against losing positions. What would be incredibly challenging for a human to accomplish is efficiently executed by a computer in a matter of milliseconds.


Due to the use of computers and technology to implement trades, the execution speed is increased tremendously which helps avoid slippage, which is the difference between the market price at the time when the order was placed and the price at which the trade actually gets executed.

Technology in BEE FORTUNE.

Are you tired of cluttered charts and distracting noise while trading?

Look no further than BEE FORTUNE. Our proprietary algorithmic trading software is designed to help you enhance your trading experience and focus on what really matters

You can proficiently chart any asset or instrument, learn from other traders, and develop profitable trading habits.

Our software removes the noise from your charts and provides you with the tools you need to succeed in the financial markets.

Join the thousands of traders who have already improved their trading experience with BEE FORTUNE.

Privacy Is Priority

At BEE FORTUNE, we understand that privacy is a top priority for our clients. That's why we take the protection of your personal and financial data very seriously. We use advanced security measures to safeguard your information, and we never share or sell your data to third parties without your consent. With BEE FORTUNE, you can trade with confidence, knowing that your privacy is our top priority

Connectivity across Platforms

Instant trade execution

Real-time Trade History

BEE FORTUNE is a trustworthy and user-friendly software designed for automated stock market trading. Our advanced algorithms work tirelessly to maximize your trading potential, eliminating stress and ensuring you never miss out on market opportunities.

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